Topeka And Shawnee County Senior Health Fair and Symposium - Shining New Light on Senior Living header image

Community Collaboration to Bring Senior Support, Programs & Services
to Seniors & their Support Teams
“Shining New Light on Senior Living”

Who is Organizing this Event?Back to Top
Senior Support Initiatives, Inc., in collaboration with the Corporate and Community Sponsors of Topeka, Shawnee County, and the State of Kansas. Senior Support Initiatives depicts exactly what we strive to do: Create initiatives to support Seniors and their Support Teams (Caregivers, Family, and Friends) within their local communities.

Why Did You Initiate this Event for the City of Topeka and Shawnee County?Back to Top
This event was initiated based on three major goals:

  • Clarify the assumptions and miscommunications in Senior Health to make the best decisions for every Senior
  • Educate and motivate Seniors and their Support Teams on where to go for help
  • Define the local, state, and federal programs for Seniors to make the correct decisions the first time

How Did You Create This Initiative?Back to Top

  • Bringing together the academia, government, business, and nonprofit organizations within the communities
  • Partnering with key departments within Washburn University that directly support Seniors everyday, while very few residents in the community know they exist
  • Same is true for government, business, and nonprofit organizations who do so much to support Senior health

What is the cost to the community to attend this event?Back to Top
This is based on the donations from Community and Corporate Sponsors, some who will have booths at the Senior Health Fair

What is the value in Community and Corporate Sponsors investing in this Event?Back to Top

  • Every dollar invested will bring maximum return on investment to the communities of Topeka and Shawnee County
  • Enrich lives of all Seniors and their Support Teams
  • Provide immense benefits to every organization that works so hard to support Seniors
  • Sponsors with booth get direct contact with the community during the Senior Health Fair
  • This event touches the lives of almost everyone throughout the communities

How do I find out more about the Topeka & Shawnee County Senior Health Fair & Symposium?Back to Top
Check out the details under “Fair & Symposium” on this website. You can also visit the event website at

If I’m interested in becoming a Community or Corporate Sponsor, is there a form to fill out and drawing with the booth locations?Back to Top
The Sponsor Application Form is on this website for you to fill out and submit directly to us. There is also a Scholarship Sponsor Application selection available that allow organizations to pay based on your budget. The booth layout for White Concert Hall’s Lobby is also included on our website for you to make your booth selection on your application, filling in your first and second choices.