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Community Collaboration to Bring Senior Support, Programs & Services
to Seniors & their Support Teams
“Shining New Light on Senior Living”

What is the Future for This Event? Back to Top

  • Long-term sustainability. The event will be held every six months.
  • Thorough planning, implementation, defined metrics to quantify success & quality feedback are essential
  • Follow-up presentations specific to the needs of diverse groups within community solidifies sustainability

What Is Washburn University’s Role in this Event? Back to Top

  • Washburn University is a pillar in the community for leading initiatives in education, motivation & support
  • Select Departments from Washburn University have joined as Partners for this event; they are as follows:
  • Applied Studies, including Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Human Services & Health Science Program
  • School of Nursing
  • Kinesiology Department
  • Learning in the Community (LinC)

How are You Marketing this Event? Back to Top

  • TV, radio, and print media interviews
  • TV and radio commercials produced at KTWU
  • TV, radio, and print media advertising
  • Print media articles
  • Internet links with Sponsors and Supporters in community
  • Social Media
  • Posters throughout the city and county with Sponsors listed

What are Senior Tools for Support? Back to Top

  • “Senior Support Book” in English and Spanish
  • “Electronic Senior Support Book” online

Is Transportation Being Provided for Those in Need? Back to Top
Yes. Durham School Services in Topeka is providing transportation for those in need. We will be providing details on this website.

What are the Costs for Community & Corporate Sponsors? Back to Top
Community Sponsors:

  • For $500 donation, includes Senior Fair Booth, shown in advertising & Senior Support Book
  • Smaller Nonprofit organizations may apply for Scholarship for booth that fits budget
Corporate Sponsors:

  • Silver: $1,000; Gold: $2,500; Platinum: $5,000
  • Includes Senior Fair Booth, highlighted first in advertising & Senior Support Book
  • Advertising for Event through TV, Radio & Print commercials, TV & Radio interviews, Event & Sponsors websites

What is the Scholarship Sponsorship? Back to Top
Scholarship Sponsorship allows organizations with little or no budgets for this event to participate based on what their budget can afford. Select this option on the Sponsor Application to apply.

Where Can You Fill Out the Sponsor Application Form? Back to Top
You can find the fill-in Sponsor Application Form on our website,

Can You Provide an Overview for the Senior Health Fair? Back to Top
Held prior to the Symposium from 1:00~3:00 PM.
Booths for interaction with the community from the following:

  • Washburn University Partners & their students
  • Community & Corporate Sponsors
Goals of the Senior Health Fair prior to the Symposium are the following:

  • Educate Seniors & their Support Teams on health & lifestyle choices & support
  • Clarify the assumptions and miscommunication for Seniors & their Teams to make the best decisions
  • Role Washburn University plays in Senior support throughout community
  • Interactive booths that include students of Washburn University’s Partners

Who Will Be Speakers at the Symposium? Back to Top

  • The keynote speaker is Shawn Sullivan, Secretary for the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services
  • Final Symposium panel selection determined after final topics finalized in Sponsor meeting
  • Sponsors meeting will be held in early September at Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library

Can You Provide an Overview of the Senior Health Symposium? Back to Top
This portion of the event will be from 3:00~5:00 PM, and consist of a Facilitator & Panels Focused on solutions for Seniors:
Overview of Symposium:
The two hour symposium for the event will consist of two panels, one for each hour.. The final topics and details will be finalized during the Team Meeting of Community and Corporate Sponsors and Washburn University Partners at the Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library in early August. We want to insure that we focus on those topics that are most important for Seniors and their Support Teams in the city of Topeka and Shawnee County.
Target Audience & Goals for Senior Health Symposium:

  • Audience: Seniors & Support Team (Caregivers, Family & Friends)
  • Define facts & myths of Senior health & lifestyle choices
  • Clarify assumptions & miscommunications in Senior health
  • Introduce Senior resources available in community; Provide “Senior Support Book” in English & Spanish
  • Value Washburn University’s Partners add to Senior health
  • Follow-up presentations specific to the needs of the diverse groups within the community will solidify sustainability

Examples of myths and miscommunications in Senior health:

  • Today’s Independent & Assisted Living environments are NOT “Nursing Homes”
  • Getting advice from another patient who did not follow-through on their rehabilitation gives you wrong information
  • Senior’s socialization with others is far more important to a healthy life than most people realize

Are You Collaborating with Any Other Community Event? Back to Top

  • Yes, the Binational Health Fair on Saturday, October 6, 2012, from noon to 4:00 PM
  • Location is the Marlo Cuevas Balandran Activities Center in Topeka, Kansas
  • Contact Lalo Munoz, Executive Director, El Centro of Topeka
  • Telephone: 785-232-8207, Email:

Who Do We Contact for More Information on This Event? Back to Top
Bob Faught, Phone: 217-343-1788, Email:, Event Website:

Where Can You Find Our Parent Company’s Website? Back to Top
You can find our parent company's website for Senior Support Initiatives, Inc. at